La Verità - Artificial Kid
Added on 06 May 2017
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Directed by Lidia Ravviso.

Artificial Kid is the name of an experimental project of "cyberpunk" rap was born from the minds of StabbyoBoy, damage (Colle der Fomento) and DJ Craim. The project started in the second half of 2008 and materialized in 2009 with the upcoming release of "Artificial Kid - Number 47", a concept album of nine tracks taken to manifest the group: on electronic hip hop sounds and claustrofibiche created by the sampler by synthesizers and StabbyoBoy from scratch Dj Craim, the lyrics tell of damage in nine short episodes the vision of the near future Blade Runner, characterized by an invasive presence of technology and the media as a population control tool, where a prototype of the new cyborg (the artificial kid number 47, in fact) fights his own war against the system that created it. Supported by an original and delucidante graphic design by the comic artist Champa the Artifical Kid project summarizes in thirty minutes the passion of its three components for the cyber science fiction of the past twenty years, with strong literary references to Gibson, Sterling, Dick, Orwell, and musical influences from the likes of Carpenter, Vangelis, Company Flow, not Phixion.

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